Rhubarb & Ginger cheesecake

A sweet and delicious cheesecake from the Craigies kitchen.


Rhubarb topping

  • 250 g fresh rhubarb
  • 125 g sugar

Cream cheese filling

  • 500 g cream cheese
  • 500 g double cream
  • 250 g sugar
  • 1 vanilla pod


  • 150 g ginger biscuits
  • 75 g unsalted butter


  • Cut the rhubarb into roughly 2-3 cm chunks, add these to a pot with the sugar (125g) on a medium heat and stew until soft. Then allow to cool and keep for later.
  • Whilst your rhubarb is stewing, using a food processor blend your biscuits to the consistency you would like for the base. 
  • Melt your butter in a microwaveable bowl, once melted add your blended biscuits to the bowl and mix well to combine.
  • Add you biscuit mix to your cheesecake tin and press down firmly to create an even base.
  • Put all cream cheese filling ingredients into a bowl and mix well until it's a stiff consistency.
  • Press the cream cheese filling on top of the base and smooth the surface. Chill for 1-2 hours
  • Before serving add your rhubarb topping to the centre of the cheesecake surface.

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