PYO at Craigies Farm

Looking for a great PYO Farm? Craigies Farm welcomes thousands of visitors in summer and autumn who come to enjoy our ‘Pick Your Own’ experiences!

Great day, great fun, fab fruit!

In summertime children and parents love come to pick fresh strawberries, raspberries, cherries, currants, blackcurrants and gooseberries at Craigies PYO Farm to enjoy at home, to stock up their freezers or to make jam for the winter months.

In autumn, we welcome our ‘pumpkin pickers’ who come to the farm for the best pumpkins for carving and eating over Hallowe’en… and from early September to late October you can pick fresh apples from our orchard. Our apple orchard features varieties you won’t find in any supermarket!


How does it work?

Simply buy an entry voucher online ahead of your visit to the PYO farm to gain entry to the field. You can check out our availability report below to see what’s available prior to your visit.

On arrival, show your entry voucher in exchange for a basket and a map and we will guide you to the best field depending on what you would like to pick. All you have to do is pick your own fruit/veg, fill your basket then weigh and pay!

Entry to the field is from a pre-purchased voucher which is redeemable against the fruit/veg picked. We do not offer refunds where the fruit picked comes in under the cost of the voucher. Pre-purchased tickets are the only way to guarantee entry into the picking fields as walk-ins depend on fruit availability.

Please remember that all fruit that is picked by your party must be paid for on exit, all of our prices are displayed at the PYO entry point!


What’s available to pick now at Craigies Farm?

Our PYO Season runs from June to October!

If you want to be the first to know when more PYO vouchers are released, be sure to sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of this page.

Crop Table – Subject to change as crops availability can change overnight however the crop table will be fully update for that day at 9am!


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Where to pick at Craigies

pick your own

Pick Your Own Calendar

You can find out what's in season for PYO by checking out our calendar below! It's a great guide as to what should be available for picking from summer to autumn at Craigies Farm.

Strawberries Jun – Oct
Raspberries Jul – Sep
Cherries Jul
Redcurrants Jul – Aug
Blackcurrants Jul – Aug
Gooseberries Jul – Aug
Sunflowers Sep
Peas Jul – Aug
Broad Beans Jul – Aug
French Beans Aug – Sep
Runner Beans Aug – Sep
Blackberries Aug – Sep
Apples Sep – Oct
Pumpkins October

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