Fruit crop report!

Our Apples are now ready for PYO – Katy, Sunrise, Worcester and Scrumptious are all ready and the flavours are amazing!  We still have strawberries, brambles, courgettes, beans, and rhubarb avaliable for PYO just now.  PYO Pumpkins will open in October.

Please check out (below) the minimum spend system that we operate in the fruit and veg fields.


Pick Your Own Fruit!

We operate a minimum spend system during the Pick Your Own fruit season, this is currently £3 per person (applies to walking age and up). This is payable on entry and redeemable against fruit picked.  You will need your entry receipt when you pay for your fruit at the exit point so keep it safe, we regret that we can not replace lost or mislaid vouchers. 

The availability report, below, is updated every morning, however we have no control over the number of customers visiting during that day and the amount of ripe fruit they pick so the report may not reflect the situation as the day goes on.  The early bird catches the worm….

The Pick Of The Crop
Generations of children and their parents have made a visit to West Craigie to pick their own fruit as part of their summer calendar. Many, many loyal customers come back every year to pick their own fruit, to enjoy fresh, fill their freezers and make jam to use over the winter.

How does it work?
It’s easy – we provide you with a basket and direct you to the best field depending on what you would like to pick. You pick your fruit, then weigh it and pay. Simple as that!

What’s available when?
Below is a chart so you can see what’s available and the prices we charge. This is kept up to date so whatever you see you can expect when you arrive at the farm.  The fruits marked amber will mean that you may struggle to pick enough fruit to make up your minimum spend, we do not issue refunds in this case.

Picked too much fruit? Homemade jam is easy to make and tastes so much better than supermarket stuff! We’ll happily give you some tips on jam making! Or just freeze your fruit and use it through the winter.

If you’re heading to Craigie’s to pick cherries check out our Picking Tips HERE.

We reserve the right to weigh you after picking fruit!

All of our strawberries are on table tops with the ripe fruit hanging below the grow bags at around 1m from the ground.  The middle row in the tunnels can take a compact tractor so are fine for disability scooter and sturdy buggies.  Please note that the ground around the farm is rough tracks so may not be suitable for certain types of wheelchair. If you’re in any doubt please ask one of the team and we can advise the best routes down to the tunnels and help you to decide if your wheelchair or buggy will be OK.

What’s available now?



£/Kg Pick Your Own

£/Kg Ready Picked


Ripe ones hiding


£5.29/kg ready picked


Ripe ones hiding


£7.79/kg ready picked


Lots to pick


£3.29/kg ready picked

Stick/French Beans

Good availability


£2.49/kg ready picked


Good availability


£1.99/kg ready picked


Ripe ones hiding


£2.99/kg ready picked


Ripe ones hiding

0.79p head/kg

0.79p head/kg ready picked


Still ripening


/kg ready picked

How does it work?

How does it work?

Where do you pick?

Where do you pick? Download the PYO Map

Check our PYO calendar

What can you pick when? Download the PYO Calendar

Great reasons to visit Craigie's



Our fantastic farm shop features the best of Scotland's Larder. Pick up gifts, farm toys, books and cards too!



Our cafe serves breakfast, lunch, coffee, tea and plenty of delicious home bakes using as much local produce as possible.



Visit our animals, play on the swings, take a tractor and trailer ride, become a nature detective and pick your own fruit!

The Animals

The Animals

Pigs, piglets, chickens, horses, sheep, pygmy goats, we've plenty of animals for you to meet!



Why not pick something up for tea from our award winning butchery. High quality fresh meat from local suppliers.

Pick Your Own

Pick Your Own

Pick Your Own at Craigie's is big business! Families come back year after year to enjoy the fruits of our labour.

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