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Scotch Beef Sirloin Roast Boneless


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Specially selected native Scottish beef, sourced locally and matured on the bone for a minimum of 21 days using a traditional dry-aging process for extra tenderness and flavour.

A fine cut of meat with a thin layer of fat over it to keep it moist during roasting. The joint will be cut to your specification then tied and rolled so it’ll be oven ready when it arrives. This is a boneless joint with a regular shape which makes for a more even cooking and carving experience.

This is a quality joint that will guarantee tenderness and great flavour and add a bit of glamour to any get together.

28 Day Matured

1.5kg serves up to 6 people
2.0kg serves up to 9 people
2.5kg serves up to 11 people
3.0kg serves up to 13 people

3.5kg serves up to 15 people

4.0kg serves up to 18 people