With a continued commitment to quality and traditional skills, we are delighted to announce the return of Craigies in-house butchery counter.  

Now, our customers can savour the delectable taste of locally-reared produce, all raised within a mile of the farm. Read on to delve into the details and discover the mouthwatering delights that await at our butchers – located in our farm shop only half an hour from Edinburgh. 

A Return to Tradition 

Previously, we relied on an off-site butchery operation, with pre-packed meat supplied to the counter. However, we have taken a bold step forward by sourcing lamb and pork from our own livestock and carrying out our own butchery on-site. 

Our grass-fed Highland cattle beef now comes from the neighbouring Dalmeny Estate. With excellent marbling, tenderness and remarkable flavour, Highland beef presents an enticing alternative to Aberdeen Angus.  

This range of ‘meat within a mile’ ensures utmost traceability and guarantees an exceptional standard of quality that is second to none. 

A True Craft Butchery Experience 

As a member of the Scottish Craft Butchers organisation, we hope to entice you with an array of tantalising own-label meats and cuts at our new counter, complete with weekly special offers. From half and quarter lamb packs and prime steak cuts to burgers, sausages, and mince, the butchery range has something to satisfy every meat lover. 

The return to a traditional butcher counter offers a personalised approach to produce, ensuring that customers can get the exact cut they want. This is a feature that you just can’t get on supermarket counters – since butchery is carried out on-site, Craigies can offer whatever customers might need, including more unusual and specific cuts. 

Our fresh farm produce will also feature on the menu at Craigies Café and the shelves of our Farm Shop & Deli, allowing you to relish the exceptional flavours of meat prepared only a few feet away from your table and take some home for dinner! 

A Proud Legacy 

Leading the newly-revived artisan butchery operation are two familiar faces, Rab and Andy, who bring with them a wealth of expertise gained from their combined 14 years of service at the Craigies butchery counter.  

Additionally, the farm has taken on an apprentice, who will receive comprehensive training to become a skilled butcher, ensuring the continuation of this time-honoured craft. 


The Sinclair Family Legacy 

The Sinclair family, proud owners of Craigies Farm, have a deep-rooted connection to livestock. It all started with George Sinclair, the great-grandfather of current owner John Sinclair, who established a world-class Aberdeen Angus herd at Dalmeny Estate in the late 1800s.  

Today, John’s son George, a fifth-generation farmer, carries on the family’s legacy by raising a thriving flock of Dorset cross Suffolk sheep and Landrace cross Large White pigs. At Craigies Farm we’re committed to raising healthy and happy animals – which ultimately results in the most exquisite and flavoursome meat. 

A Personalised Approach 

Owner John Sinclair shares his excitement about this development:  

“Our customers increasingly value provenance, and being able to show them the field from which our lamb, pork, or beef comes from is highly rewarding. The return to a traditional butcher counter offers a personalised approach to produce, ensuring that customers can get the exact cut they want. Preserving and showcasing the traditional skills of our butchers is also important to us, as these skills are sadly becoming a lost art.” 

Discover the Flavours 

To embark on a meat lover’s adventure, visit our Farm Shop in person or conveniently order from our online shop here. Immerse yourself in the rich heritage and mouthwatering flavours that await, as you experience the true taste of tradition with ‘meat within a mile’ from our in-house butchers. 

Join us in celebrating the revival of artisan butchery and savour the exceptional quality and flavours that come from sourcing locally and honouring the craft of the butcher. Find out more about what’s available at Craigies here.  

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